Food Program

Food Program

Food Program

Food Program

Welcome to our Life's Abundance dog food page. It is premium dog food with a taste they love. It is packed with nutrition and wholesome and healthy ingredients, so you have the reassurance that your pet is receiving protein and vitamin-packed food. We were looking for a food that would help our pets receive the antioxidants and micro-nutrients for cellular health and to promote good genetic health when we found Life's Abundance. It also contains calcium and omega 3, vitamins, and all the probiotic fibers puppies and adult dogs need to promote a good healthy bone development and solid immune system.

There are:

No Corn or Corn gluten

No Wheat or Wheat gluten

No Artificial colors or flavors added.

And best of all it is made in the USA.

Adult Dogs:

Just a few of our own personal experiences with a healthy food

Reduced shedding

Less waste

Less food intake due to product being packed with protein healthy nutrients, resulting in the dogs being full, happy, and content. We found it helps with sensitive stomachs while still supporting high energy levels.


Our babies are a lot more assertive and healthier.


Life's Abundance tasty rewards treats. The dogs/puppies really enjoy them and it’s great to have when training and developing good social skills.

Auto-ship Program:

Life's Abundance has a very convenient auto-ship program. With the auto-ship program, you can receive any of the products shipped directly to your door, on a delivery schedule that's perfectly suited for your specific needs. You can choose the interval that fits your life, from every two weeks to every four months. Not only that, but if you become an auto-ship customer, you qualify for reduced prices - up to 20% off retail pricing! And you can cancel your auto-ship at any time. You'll never have to worry about running out of the products you need ever again. Below is our Life’s Abundance Enrollment Form.

When the decision is made to use Life’s Abundance auto-ship program, your 1-year health guarantee is extended to a 2-year health guarantee.


Life's Abundance shampoo - This is a must for our dogs and puppies!

The results are absolutely amazing, soft, clean fluffy hair coats that are irresistible not to bury your nose into their soft coat of love!

Bath Mist:

Life's Abundance Bath Mist is another essential in our kennel. Who doesn't love to have that fresh spa scent! This is a must for your puppy spa day! 

Please send us a text, call or email if you decide to continue with Life's Abundance food Program so we can update your paperwork to a 2-year genetic health guarantee.


Click below to place your order for any of these wonderful products.

and to set up your auto membership 

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