About Skyline Puppies LLC

About Skyline Puppies LLC

About Us

About Us

We are a dedicated responsible breeder that is USDA Licensed, Ohio State Licensed and County Licensed, located in the rolling hills of Holmes County Ohio. We love our puppies and adult dogs and strive to bring you the best experience possible! There's nothing like a dog or puppy to brighten up your day!

We have access to veterinary care 24-7 and each mother passes a health check by our vet before she is bred. 

Our dogs are on a good healthy food program, which provides our parents and puppies with the nutrients needed to stay healthy and happy and gives them a great quality of life. We encourage you to consider keeping them on this food program to enhance their health and quality of life.

Our puppies are born in our cozy puppy condo and are monitored very closely, as well as started with the human touch as soon as they are born. We desensitize gently and learn their personalities so we can match the perfect puppy with the perfect customer! Our goal is to help you and your puppy find each other for many years of love and companionship! 

We play with and socialize our puppies and adult dogs daily. Not only because it's good for them, but because it's something we greatly enjoy!

Our condo provides indoor-outdoor access for all of the dogs and puppies whenever they so desire. They greatly enjoy playing outdoors and soaking up the sun or napping in the shade!

The play yards are also a highlight they greatly enjoy, whether its playing tug of war with a toy, chasing and rolling around a ball or just playing with each other and us!

We are dedicated to enjoying our dogs and puppies to the fullest while they are in our care and placing a happy socialized dog or puppy in loving, caring homes!

We are an active family who loves the great outdoors and spending time with our animals. We live on 58 acres in the rolling hills of Ohio. We have dogs, puppies, horses, cattle, chickens, rabbits on the loose, cats, hamsters, as well as warehousing that we rent out to several businesses.

We feel privileged to be able to raise our puppies in a relaxed country setting!

Our goal is to bring you a puppy that is healthy, happy, socialized, and exactly what you have been dreaming of! In return we ask that you give them a wonderful loving home and keep them up to date on all vaccinations and puppy health checks.

Our motto and goal are to bless you as we have been blessed, and to bring you a piece of Heaven from our family to yours!

We care deeply for our animals and believe in treating them as we want to be treated!

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